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Will Micheal Forgive Nelle?; General Hospital - Scene of the Week

Carly (Laura Wright) can’t believe Sonny (Maurice Benard) didn’t fess up to her earlier about his alleged affair with Nelle (Chloe Lanier)–and therefore stopping her from trusting the “little slut.” As she storms out of her assistant’s apartment, Nelle and Michael (Chad Duell) show up at the door. Carly confirms that there is definitely trouble, and Nelle decides to come clean. Of course, when she does, poor Michael ends up blindsided.
Nelle reveals her real last name is Benson, and she Frank Benson’s daughter. Carly calls Frank a deadbeat who walked out on her and her mother. Nelle says that was a lie, and Virginia got a restraining order against him. Carly informs her that was Frank Benson left her and Virginia with a ton of debt. She wonders if that’s what he did to Nelle and her mother. Nelle says he was good to them, but he wasn’t good with money. Nelle cries that Frank loved Carly and tried to ask her for help, but she wouldn’t answer any of his letters. Carly screams he wanted a handout and she didn’t owe him a dime. Nelle says he meant nothing to her until Joss got sick and she demanded a kidney. Carly never asked Frank for a kidney and says they thought Jake Webber was his donor. Nelle explains that isn’t how it happened, and her dad had already donated her kidney. Nelle thinks Carly is lying and tells her, “What goes around comes around bitch!” Carly slaps her. Sonny tells Nelle that Carly didn’t screw her over, Frank did. Nelle thinks Sonny should be thanking her for revealing Carly as a liar and a loser. He calls her a spoiled brat who has no idea who she messed with. 
Michael works late at ELQ and gets a visit from Carly. She wants to make sure they are on the same page about Nelle, but quickly wonders if Michael still has feelings for her. Michael is angry and humiliated, but he can’t hate Nelle given what her father did to her. Joss walks in and asks what is going on with Nelle. Michael leaves them to talk, and Carly finds the best way to explain to Joss that Nelle was lying to them to sabotage their family. Joss wants more details, but Carly doesn't feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to tell her. Joss puts the pieces together and figures out Sonny cheated with Nelle. Joss doesn’t understand why Nelle would do this. Carly tells her that Nelle is sick, but she won’t let Nelle hurt them again.

Nelle goes to The Floating Rib to get a drink, where she runs into Michael. She wants to explain, but Michael says he’s heard enough. He understands her need for revenge, but he will never forgive her. Nelle swears she realized a future with him was worth more than her revenge scheme. Michael points out his mother and father suffered enough after Morgan’s death. Michael can’t understand how she’d use that situation to seduce his father. She tells him he has it wrong, but he doesn’t want to hear anymore and walks out.

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