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Prada Is Selling A $185 Paper Clip & The Internet Cannot Deal

If you’ve ever wondered what Miranda Priestly’s assistants use to hold her important papers (and extra cash laying around) together, now you know — a $185, um, paperclip. Barney’s has unveiled the world’s most expensive (I hope) paperclip, and Prada is calling it a “Paperclip-Shaped Money Clip.” It’s

Apparently You Can Dye Your Hair With Mountain Dew

YouTube There are a lot of ways to add some color to your hair. Some people use lemon juice to brighten their locks and others use tea or herbs to color their hair. But no one has really used soda, like Mountain Dew, for example, until this man put it to

Because You Needed It, Rosé Deodorant Exists

Shutterstock Who doesn’t love a glass of rosé on a summer day? The light, sweet wine comes in a beautiful package (hello, millennial pink!) and is a refreshing drink to sip on the hottest of summer days (it’s 5:00 o’clock somewhere) or nights. You can order it in 40s,

Lure Hsu’s Instagram Is Basically #AestheticGoals

VIEW GALLERY Lure Hsu recently made a splash as her age astounded her thousands of followers. The Taiwanese interior designer is 41 years old, but hardly looks a day over 21 and we’re just really going to need more details on her skincare routine ASAP. How does she maintain

Barrier-Breaking Halima Aden Lands First Major Magazine Cover

VIEW GALLERY You may not know her name, but you’d definitely recognize her by her look. Halima Aden is a Hijabi model who is breaking barriers in the fashion industry and paving the path for other minorities by redefining beauty standards. 19-year-old Halima hails from an interesting background. She