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Double-Check The Label: Your Makeup Might Be Fake

VIEW GALLERY Amidst what seems like a constant flurry of fake news, a new trend is on the rise: fake makeup. In the constantly evolving makeup industry, new brands and products are always being advertised and prices aren’t cheap. One could make a shopping trip to Sephora and leave

Treat Yourself With These Affordable Bronzer Dupes

VIEW GALLERY Having a warm sunny glow year round is possible thanks to bronzer. Who doesn’t want to look like they just came from a tropical vacation in the dead of winter? There are an abundance of high end makeup bronzers. Most notable is Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, it has

James Charles Has Announced That He’s Leaving YouTube

VIEW GALLERY James Charles made headlines as CoverGirl’s very first CoverBoy and now he’s taking a step away from the thing that made him famous: makeup. Charles has been the subject of a few controversies in the past, whether it’s being the subject of a meme or facing backlash

James Charles Net Worth 2017: How Much Is James Worth Right Now?

VIEW GALLERY After launching his YouTube channel in 2015, James Charles has risen to international fame for his incredible makeup tutorials and being the first male CoverGirl. His YouTube channel currently has 1 million subscribers and he just recently graduated from Bethlehem High School in Bethlehem, New York. James

Cuticle Tattoos Are Now Trendy, Um What?

VIEW GALLERY Tattoo trends are unlike other beauty and fashion trends because this one is permanent. Those low-rise jeans and Juicy Couture zip up hoodie weren’t permanent thank goodness, but those tramp stamps were. In the earlier 00s tramp stamps were all the rage. Then we crossed over into