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7 Travel Habits Frequent Fliers Swear By

Remember how George Clooney’s ultra-slick character in Up in the Air had everything ready to go before he passed through security? Well, seasoned world travelers are just like that, too—they know where they’re going, pack what they need, and don’t

This Is How People Orgasm Around the World

Here at Health, we're all about covering the latest news on orgasms—like how to have them regularly, how to make them more intense, and why they don't just feel good but can boost your health and relationship too. So

Molly Sims on Why We Really Need to Stop Mommy Shaming

The actress and model says it's time to stop bullying moms about their parenting decisions. I’m the proud owner of a minivan. It’s a big, white Chrysler Pacifica with automatic sliding doors—my kids call it “The Stormtrooper.” I remember the first

Your Ultimate Guide to Dubai

Although Dubai has its origins in cattle herding, pearling and fishing, its inhabitants’ obsession with expansion, both upwards and outward, has created a nascent cosmopolitan metropolis. Formed in 1971 as one of the seven United Arab Emirates, Dubai is