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Doctors Are Confirming That Glitter Should NOT Go Everywhere

Shutterstock Recently, glitter has been everywhere. People are putting glitter anywhere they can, from roots to lips to makeup-stained tears and even their butts (?). Recently women have taken glitter bombing to a whole new level by glitter bombing something that shouldn’t have glitter anywhere near it: their vajayjays. Women

ASOS Says No To Airbrushing These Models’ Stretch Marks

VIEW GALLERY Models are known to be highly Photoshopped and retouched beyond belief, especially if there is a blemish or scar on their skin. But one of the biggest online fashion retailers, ASOS, decided against retouching their models’ stretch marks. The marks and lines aren’t hidden and they didn’t simply

Lily Collins Opens Up About Embracing Her Body & Taking On A New Role

VIEW GALLERY Let’s be real. The entertainment industry is often guilty of perpetuating images that create unrealistic, superficial and limited expectations of what “beautiful” really means. Because of these unrealistic standards, the media’s definition of “beauty” can be linked to the prevalence of eating disorders that regular readers of