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11 Great Moments in Pedantic Graffiti

I recently saw an article about a "grammar vigilante" in the U.K. This person goes around in the middle of the night fixing grammar, punctuation and usage errors on signs. (Think: A sign with a misplaced apostrophe or comically misused quotation marks.) Well... you know that

11 Foods That Were Engineered To Be Instagrammed

This past weekend, Starbucks sold a limited-edition drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino. I'm sure you heard about it. It enveloped social media in a veritable explosion of swirly pink and blue. It had line-out-the-door sales -- although, by virtually all reports*, it tasted gross. But that

11 Pieces of Advice For Anyone Cutting the Cord

Last summer, I became a statistic. As a new TV cord cutter, my decision was, and will continue to be, be cited in a limitless number of articles. But we didn't do it because it was trendy, we did it because it finally made sense. My wife and I

11 Songs That Just List Off a Whole Bunch of Cities

I'm a list guy. After (coming up on) nine years of doing a website that's almost entirely lists, I think I've earned that distinction. So I present songs that are list-based not to bury them but to praise them. List songs are cool. It's a beautiful and rare paradox

11 Nintendo Video Game Systems, Ranked By How Many Games They Got

I was recently reading about the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's latest video game console that follows the same pattern of all of its recent console releases (one generation of technology behind; based around at least one major gimmick; online play clearly unimportant; leaning heavily on exclusive titles to generate sales).

11 One-Hit Wonders Whose One Hit Was a Cover

I love one-hit wonders. Almost disproportionately to the quality of the songs. Like, the fact that Dexy's Midnight Runners never had another hit makes me enjoy Come On, Eileen more than I would if, say, A Flock of Seagulls had made it. So there's no malice in this list,