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Linkin Park announce new album and premiere new single ‘Heavy’

Linkin Park are one of the very few bands that I love but haven’t got around to seeing live. They did come to Cardiff years ago (when I was in school which trust me, is a long time ago). Unfortunately, I didn’t go and it’s one of the gigs I regret not going to. I’ve listened to their music since high school along with Panic! and Fall Out Boy who I have only recently been able to see. I still need to see Linkin Park so my list will be complete.

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The band have finally announced that they have a new album coming out entitled ‘One More Light’. This album is a much-welcomed return as we’ve not had an album from them since, ‘The Hunting Party’ in 2014. In addition to their album news, they’ve released this lyric video on their VEVO account for their new single ‘Heavy’ featuring Kiiara.

Speaking about the single, Mike Shinoda said, “We’re super-excited about the song and the excitement around it has been kind of crazy”.  The new single will be on their upcoming 7th studio album. If this single is anything to go by, then we’re in for yet another awesome album from the guys. Despite it sounding different to the other stuff they’ve done, it just works.

Who is Kiiara?

Kiiara is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Illinois who signed to Atlantic Records in 2015. Her track ‘Gold’ was released in 2015. The track was later used in an Apple Watch commercial.

You can download their latest single ‘Heavy’ from iTunes now. Their album ‘One More Light’ is due to be released on May 19th.

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