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Can Jill Give Collin Another Chance?; The Young and the Restless - Scene of the Week

As things are going downhill fast in the hostage situation, they aren't looking all that bright on the domestic front either. Jill and Colin continue to clash as she threatens to rip up his check.
It’s a series of unfortunate events that will end with Colin back where he belongs — out in the cold! After giving Jill back what’s sure to become her prized possession, he just can’t stop from opening his big mouth. Now that Jill’s touched the ring and has come to terms with what it represents, he thinks she should sell it! That’s right, SELL IT. Colin saw all the zeroes on the check, and he’s sure they can get even more than that! If Jill sells the jewel, she can not only put her bank account back to where it was but also have enough money to buy out Jack! All the ring represents is a memory, and they need that money now to make their life right again.
In the Chancellor mansion, Colin explains to Esther that Jill invited him there. Once alone, Colin is all congeniality as he assumes his check is the reason Jill wanted to see him. Jill calmly sips tea as he goes on, but then confronts him about robbing her a second time to repay her, and reveals she knows about the key and safety deposit box. Jill tauntingly explains how she figured it all out. She wants to know what was in there that Katherine wanted her to have and threatens to rip his check in half. Colin protests loudly. He pours a drink and explains how he found the music box. Too late, he realizes their issue was not about money, it was about trust. Jill huffs that what Katherine left her was worth more than a dollar amount. Colin admits it was a ring. Jill becomes emotional and then frustrated over Colin not thinking about anything beyond saving his sorry ass. Jill clutches her neck and marvels that Katherine found the ring Phillip intended for her and kept it all these years. Colin protests – how was he to know the ring was important? Jill moans that Phillip was the love of her life. Colin thinks they can build something together, but Jill angrily kicks him out, check in hand, and demands that he get back her ring. After, Esther finds Jill raging about Katherine’s deceit. “I will never forgive you!”
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